The Core DJ’s Team with Gracie Productions for CORE Digital

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As the challenges of the music industry are forcing labels to restructure, merge and even go out of business, independent artists are blessed with new opportunities to blaze their own path. Indie Buzz label Gracie Productions is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with The Core DJ’s, which includes the creation of their new label CORE Digital.

CORE Digital will allow rising artists to distribute their music through internationally-recognized digital outlets in association with Gracie Productions and their distribution deal with Caroline/EMI. The CORE Digital venture includes formidable exposure of an artist’s music to radio and club DJ’s, as well as a solid support network for tour promotion and media campaigns. 

Gracie Productions was founded in 2004 by Tony Bucher and Dorian Washington, with the goal of breaking artists in markets traditionally ignored by the larger labels. They released Sally Anthony‘s Vent album, relying on a strong grassroots network. The album sold over 100,000 copies worldwide and led to tour dates with major artists including The Barenaked Ladies, Tom Petty, James Taylor and Ray J, and to a major distribution deal with Caroline/EMI in 2006. 

The success of Sally Anthony’s music has provided the Gracie Productions with opportunities to break their full roster of acts globally. Gracie’s current signed artists include Sally Anthony, TQ, J-Shin, Jacki-O, E.S.G. (Screwed Up Click)KD, Serius Jones and more. Gracie’s artists have sold over 500,000 digital tracks and albums in the last 18 months, and the label is expanding as most labels pull back.

Led by Tony Neal, The Core DJ’s is the world’s most recognized network of official on-air, club and mixtape personalities, with the largest syndicated radio show in the U.S., Core DJ’s Radio. “Artists work hard to promote themselves, and it’s only right that they benefit from their work as their careers flourish,” explains Tony Neal. “Why give your music away when you can get paid for it while you wait?”

“We are elated to join forces with The Core DJ’s to create CORE Digital,” says Dorian Washington of Gracie Productions. “Tony Neal and the Core have a unique vision for bringing the best music to fans. Adding the digital distribution aspect for artists to a network this strong is truly unprecedented. This partnership is a testament to the new day that is upon us in the music industry. It is time for the independent artists to get their just due.”

Aside from artists being able to have their music on over 300 online servers across the globe, benefits of CORE Digital include:

• No requirement to be signed to make money. Your networking skills are good enough.

• Keep track of your own sales. Get 70/80% of your earnings back!

• NO interference if you get signed to a major.

• Web blast from the Core DJ’s to over 700 DJ’s

• Email blast to over 2500 of the industry’s top A&R’s, Artists and Labels

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